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About the Movement

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Creator Society Movement is association of people who do not agree with capitalism, oligarchy and values of consumer society and who see cooperative economy, based on the principle "the one who works own it" and "one man - one vote" (economic democracy), as an alternative to capitalism which provides broad masses with access to means of production and enables job creative self-fulfillment.


Two values are included in values of Movement only: the human being, his freedom and creative potential and the world the human being is responsible for.

This list is complete due to the following reason: we believe that some value can only be unconditional irrespective of circumstances which cannot be taken from other values. It’s about the human being and the world which interdependent with its existence and their development can’t do at the expense or separately from development another one.

The world and its environment give the human being an opportunity to exist. At the same time development of the human identity must conform to the world renewing it with force of mind and spirit. The idea of "noosphere" of Ukrainian scientist V.I. Vernadskyi reflects this statement of a question in the best way.


Movement’s goal is creation of a brand new type of society – creator society.

Creator society is a posteconomic society where production and consumption of goods are just servicing and auxiliary tools of a human being to know God, self-knowledge and scientific progress and, moreover, dare to create new unity with God and harmony with the world through creation of noosphere.

To create this type of society it’s necessary to change economic conditions we live in. Creator economy is economic base:

Creator economy isan economic system based on ownership of employees on means of production and results of work where principle of economic democracy is available: one man - one vote providing this way higher level of freedom, motivation and creative self-fulfillment compared to capitalist model.

Creative class is the driving force for transition to creator economy and creator society.

Creative class is part of post-industrial society as its intellectual and cultural level formed on the basis of success of capitalism in the fields of education, information technologies and communications, but it can not fully succeed in capitalist system due to lack of motivation of higher level: ability to satisfy needs of belonging, respect and creativity within capitalist corporations.

Creator society is a new stage after the consumer society. Last one focused exclusively on getting satisfaction from the consumption of goods. We believe that man is worthy of creating. Cooperation is not an end in itself, but rather a tool that opens up the way for self-realization in work.

This specified economic model stipulates free market, noninterference in market self-regulation by a state, private entrepreneurship initiative as the main factor of economic development and cooperative form of ownership on means of production as a factor of fair distribution of company's profits and overcoming detachment of an employee from means and results of labor.

Creator economy takes into account advantages of free market and rejects disadvantages of socialism and fair criticism of capitalism by socialism.


1. Peaceful means to achieve the goal

Movement does not recognize any violent methods, even if they give results in a short term. We believe that if cooperation indeed leads to creator society, it will show this in practice and population having successful information policy will be willing to transfer to the specified model.

2. Educational and informational orientation

The main attention of Movement is drawn to education among citizens and true informing them about advantages of cooperative economic model. We’re convinced that the truth about cooperatives and world cooperative movement is the best tool changing public opinion towards support of values and goal of Movement.

3. Openness

Movement is open for cooperation with all citizens of Ukraine and other countries as well as social movements and organizations, businesses representatives and political parties sharing our values and goal. We believe that applying common efforts only set goals can be achieved.

4. Independence 

Any collaboration with outside persons or entities being either representatives of public sector, businesses or political parties can result in revision of values or goals of Movement or dictation of actions procedure for Movement in any way. Any donations or other material or moral aid to Movement do not impose any obligations on it.

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