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Action plan of the Creator Society Movement

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The main objective of Creator Society Movement today is to offer some national idea, goal which Ukraine should move to and we dare to say the whole world. After all, any idea is right only if it is universal. In the era of globalization this is even more fair.

Everything starts with an idea and we do have this idea and suggest to discuss it.

Limited resources (both human and financial, etc.) does not allow Creator Society Movement today to develop all the algorithm of Ukraine's transition to a new economic model described in our manifesto by ourselves.

This algorithm should provide a comprehensive assessment of current economic situation, developments of practical aspects of future economic model and exact legislative, administrative and other changes which must be implemented by the state for transition from current state to a desired one.

Really assessing complication of the specified process Creator Society Movement calls the public, businesses representatives, scientists, politicians and other caring people who support our ideals, to initiate a discourse on mechanism of transformation of Ukraine into the world's first country with cooperative economic model and similar transformation of the world's economic system as a whole.

The main goal now is to increase awareness and support for cooperative model among  population. The main tool is educational: training and education.

Each country has its own characteristics and that’s why transition mechanisms may vary in each country. Accordingly, the single pattern plan for all countries is unlikely to exist. But priority should be everywhere in educational function and education of broad masses regarding cooperation.

As for Ukraine (and other post-Soviet countries where public sector of economics remains), in general, our vision is as follows: In Ukraine today there are nearly two thousand public companies. Some of them can be used as a pilot project that will provide practical material for improvement both legislation itself and mechanism for its implementation. In addition, and perhaps it’s most important, if it succeeds, mentioned enterprises will carry out function of support increase and understanding of cooperative model among people.

In parallel, the government should encourage private companies implementing corporate social programs like ESOP, which involves empowering employees shares of companies in which they work. This requires creating ESOP legislation that provides tax relief and other benefits to companies that use it.

This can be something of a transition period, when part of the property of private companies are sold (of course, in installments) to labor collectives that this wish. At the same time, and the original owners, and labor groups will be satisfied. This will allow workers to know in practice what is to be co-owners.

In addition, the establishment by law the most favorable conditions for the development of worker cooperatives and other types of co-ops is required.

Therefore, plan for today in general terms as follows:

Plan of actions of Creator Society Movement

  • 1. Demonstrating the effectiveness of the cooperative model as an example the work of state enterprises transferred to labor collectives;
  • 2. Parallel incentives to stimulate private companies implementing ESOP through tax and other benefits and development worker and other cooperatives;
  • 3. Purchasing by labor collectives a part of ownership of private companies where they work through ESOP, with preserving (optionally) a share of the original owners;
  • 4. Getting understanding, practical experience and support for the proposed model from a critical mass of society;
  • 5. Holding a referendum on amending the Constitution to guarantee the right of every citizen for the means of production, in which he works, and the results of labor and voting rights in the workplace;
  • 6. Appropriating amendments to the Constitution (the creation of so-called "Economic Constitution" or section "Economic Rights and Freedoms");
  • 7. Gradual transition to a cooperative economic model of the continued use of ESOP to transform capitalist enterprises in the cooperatives (with a refund of the original owner of the shares).

If economic reforms succeed in Ukraine, they will naturally find support in other countries of the world.

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